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Camera not working only after a few days...

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Hi all,

Been a very long time since I've posted here, anyway I've had my S III now for about a fortnight. A few days ago, I opened the camera app and was greeted by nothing, but a black screen however the camera user interface was visible. I thought perhaps my hand was over the camera lens, it wasn't. The error message I got after waiting a little while is Warning. Camera Failed. Both cameras are affected.

Troubleshooting Steps I have taken

1. I've rebooted the device

2. I've uninstalled all camera based applications

3. I've formatted the device

4. I've removed the SD card

5. I've disabled location services (I read on another forum this can have an effect)

I've even tried pushing the back of the S III inwards to see if it was a loose connection to no avail. I really don't want to have to give the phone to Geek Squad for them to fix, I'd much rather give it a bash myself first.

Thanks for your time, any suggestions are greatly recieved.



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Just thought I'd post a reply to this topic. I took the phone back to the store, the techie advised I was still covered by the 28 day manafacture warranty so immediately replaced it after checking a few things (which I had already checked).

I didn't ask, but this problem doesn't seem to be new for Galaxys as you guys are probably already aware of from the research I have done. He put it down to a faulty handset (although he only tested for thirty seconds before coming to that conclusion) and couldn't offer me a more technical explanation as to why the camera just seemed to have died.

I would've preferred to have held on to the device (so I could root it and troubleshoot), as I wouldv'e liked to have known what caused it to work one day and die overnight. Fingers crossed I won't be having the same problems again. Heads up for all potential or new Galaxy owners :)


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