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Youtube updates itself without my permission

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Here's my problem: the Youtube app updates itself to the latest version without even asking me, and I don't even see the downloading bar or anything. Like it changes the version magically O_o

I had Youtube 2.2.16 and now I have Youtube 2.4 . Thanks God I had saved a previous version of the app through Titanium Pro (the only app I regret buying because the only function that interested me - Detach app from market - doesn't work anymore) so I restored it. Youtube goes back to 2.2... but the next day or a couple hours later.... here is the 2.4 again! :o

Now, I don't want the 2.4 because the sounds stops when the screen is locked. So everytime I have to restore the app to its previous version. It's pretty annoying :(

I checked my Play Store settings and I definitely didn't check the "update apps automatically".

What can I do? :/

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Not sure about youtube updating itself when set not to but, detach from market not working is a bug (or more likely - feature) in recent versions of google play. If you freeze market updater (a titanium pro feature :D ) and replace play with an old version you should be fine

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you mean going back to Market? or an older version of Google Play?

Yes, although the Play store (And the Android Market) are always able to update themselves. The best option will be to do as targetbsp and downgrade the market then freeze the market updater app.

What version of the Play store are you on?

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