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SGS i9000 Jelly Bean 4.1

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Hi All,

This forum is like a graveyard!! Newer and better devices have overtaken the old Galaxy till development is but gone.


Team Android Jellybean (TAJB) over on XDA have started work on a port for the old clunker:


I've flashed it, and its definitely a work in progress,no wifi or calls yet, but it's not bad considering the source hasn't been released yet.


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The old girl still has some legs left in her. This may be a graveyard but there is still lots of activity over there at XDA and a few other forums such as darky etc.

I have about 6 months left on my contract which should be just about right in terms of the price coming down a little bit on the S3 - though I'm still a bit disapointed at the look of the new S3 - i wish it was less curvy and had some sharp lines, so if something better comes along I may be tempted - but it would have to be special.

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