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Cracked screen no cursor with wireless, can i install new rom?

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I'm currently on corvus 5 sp1 and the touch screen works. I was able to navigate on the tv to enable usb host and use the keyboard wirelessly (logitech K400) but had no wifi (came up error). I don't want to pay out for a new screen and was going to use the vega as a media center. When I start up now the Corvus and newbe 5 screen flashes then I get a blank screen with system process error force close or wait. It will go no further.

I wonder if anybody has any experience from this stage or the best way forward from here please. My aim is to be able to use the touchpad on the keyboard but really just want to get to use the vega.

Thanks in advance


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The easist thing to do is use a PC to flash another rom or re-flash corvus 5. You could also try rebooting to recovery from ADB on a PC and doing a factory reset from there. You may get the wifi back this way but reflashing would be simpler.

Corvus5 can be funny with mice and will have difficulty playing HD video (2.2 limitation) if I recall correctly so you may want to try another rom.

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