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I need bigger system partition

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Hi. I am not very skilled at this yet so I need your help please:

I just want to try new ICS Cold Fusion ROM and it´s say i need at least 180MB system partition.

Well after googling I find some app called Blade chcecker that told me

European Blade

TPT Upgraded Gen 2 Phone detected

Use Gen 1 style TPTs

Partition size:

System 160MB

Data 294MB

Cache 2MB

Well so I probably need to incerase it but I have no idea how.

Could you please help me ?

Thank you :)

Btw, now I have CM7 Kango Built

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I'd prefer KonstaKANG instead of CFX.

In KonstaKANG thread, there is a TPT image which is made specially for the ICS from KonstaT

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