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Using My Nexus as an In Car Electronic Dashboard.

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Have toyed with the idea for some time but the iPad was too bulky for dashboard mounting,

The other tablets I have looked at were not up to it, but the Nexus seems just right.

Apart from the Nexus the total costs were £11.99 for a Bluetooth OBDII Plugin adaptor, £3.99 for a cheap Dashboard Mount, & £2.49 fo rthe Torque Pro App (Paid with my Google Credit).

Here are a few photos and Videos of it in use.

The OBDII Adaptor


The Adaptor Fitted


The Dashboard Mount


The Nexus Fired Up


A Youtube Video of it in use


And Another


Still loads to learn and configure, but a great cheap add on to the Nexus along with SatNav.

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That looks the business, wonder where my OBD port is in my passat.

Will be around the steering wheel, Euro rules state it must be within reach of the driver, normally just under the dash or hidden under a easily removable trim panel,

Where did you get the obd adaptor from?

Amazon, they had a good selection, loads on Ebay as well of course, bust must just over a tenner including delivery

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Don't suppose you have a link as I'm having trouble finding your one.

Yep it is the one below, typical Amazon bunged the price up now there is interest in it, dont you just love the way they work, give it a day or so and the price should slide back down again

Looks a lot like this one.


Also found it for £10.99 inc shipping on Ebay, but its a ship from China Jobbie, the amazon one was UK shipped


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