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mobile smartphone wiretapping software news

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Hello everyone,

I am not sure if this is the right place for this post so I apologize in advance if it is not,

There have been two distinct news stories in Greece the last couple of months about 2 different guys selling wiretapping software online for smartphones.

Details are scarce but the story goes that the targeted smartphone receives an irrelevant txt message (eg: hi, or an advertisement) which after opening installs some sort of software allowing the wiretapping, without alerting the user of the smartphone.

these two guys seem to have a great deal of revenue from that software, or so the news say, which probably indicates that the software worked. (Of course since wiretapping software is illegal, I am not sure how you would get your money back if it didn't work).

And my questions are:

How does this happen? any theories on how it works?

Is there a remedy for that (antivir, antimal) ?

would anyone know which operating system is susceptible to such software?

is this attack, device or OS related?

would a wipe or reformat eliminate such danger?

and finally :ninja:

is there a torrent for it? :lol:

PS a few years back we had a wiretapping issue but that time there was cooperation with an insider from within the mobile carrier.

A man committed "suicide" and nobody went to prison. This time though things seem much easier.

Any thoughts?

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