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[ROM] JellyBean for Advent Vega / PoV Mobii Tegra and other P10AN01 clones

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Im running Android 2.2 with MoDaCo rom r8.

Havent really used this much but was thinking of buying newer tablet. However seen that JB is now available for this.

Question is can i upgrade to JB or do it need to go to newer OS before doing so.


All you need to do is a full wipe then flash VegaBean, for now i reccommend beta 6, seems to be very stable havent found anything wrong with it unlike beta 8.

MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS ON THE FIRST POST BEFORE FLASHING, 1GB should be more than enough for your Ext4 partition.

good luck :)

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How do you update from beta6 to beta8? I installed beta6 using nvflash. I have, however, no clue how to reboot into recovery to apply the update.zip. There is no recovery tool installed in the rom by default, and the clockwordmod recovery in the play store fails to reboot the device into recovery.

EDIT: fixed, recovery has been integrated into the power menu these days.

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I have not been updating this thread over here. But on tabletroms, i have posted newer versions (RC versions) with an overclocked kernel.

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