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Idea for an app for skilled developer

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As most of you know, there is no way to turn off Play Store update notifications for certain apps. There are occasions where one does not want to install these updates. Many possible reasons: some problems with newer versions and your phone, apps whose updates want more permissions than the previous version, apps where the developer implements features that seems to be a step backwards for your personal needs or some "bloatware" that was installed on your phone and you don't want to update it.

You can not turn these notifications off and can't use "update all" because of it.

Here is google code issue about that: http://code.google.c...detail?id=30496

One of the guys there actually found a solution but it's somewhat time consuming, you have to have Titanium Backup and it isn't as easy as we'd love for it to be. Maybe some skilled developer could create an app that would automate the process?

Here it is:

1. backup the app with Titanium Backup

2. uninstall the app via PlayStore

3. extract the .apk from your backup (the long cryptic name that ends with "...apk.gz"

4. install the extracted .apk

5. (optional) restore app data - note: ONLY restore app data, not the app itself, else the market links will also be restored.

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