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Smart phone newbie, help !

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Hello, i received my San Diego yesterday (1st smart phone) and clearly i need some help setting it up. I set it up to connect to my home router wireless then spent the next hour setting up a Gmail account, downloaded 3 apps and tried surfing the net. in 72 minutes i went from £10 credit to 0.01p credit ? 2 questions, 1) it said i get free internet for a year with the phone so why did it use my credit ? 2) the phone says connected to my wireless router so using my home broadband but i still got charged so i clearly need to change something so i don't use my credit when i'm at home but i don't know what !

Anybody know what i need to do ? thanks !

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I got the San Diego a week or so ago. Coming from a symbian smartphone a few things annoyed me but I've managed to deal with them. Regarding your questions:

1) I've seen that payg sim offer and I'm almost certain that you need to call orange to activate the free internet and other freebies. Their numbers should be in the smallest booklet that came with the phone. They may refund your credit if you ask nicely as a one-off gesture of goodwill after you explain what happened. Customer services aren't free to call though.

2) Are you sure that Wi-fi was on or that you were actually connected to your network (weak wifi connection can cause drop outs)? Go to Settings->Wireless & Networks->Wi-fi settings and check if your network is "Connected".

a) I'd recommend downloading an app called Onavo Count which measures your mobile data usage. Android 2.3.7, the San Diego's operating system, doesn't have that natively. 4.0 does but it is coming a few months and sadly you will need to familiriase yourself with a slightly different interface at that point.

b) For future convenience, add the Power Control widget to your homescreen by holding down your finger on an empty space, tapping on Android Widgets and selecting Power Control. From left to right the 5 buttons are:

  1. Wifi enable/disable (when Wifi is on and connected to a network mobile data should be automatically disabled)
  2. Bluetooth enable/disable (lets you pair bluetooth devices with the phone e.g. wireless earphones, controllers)
  3. GPS enable/disable (allows the applications to pinpoint you on a map e.g. navigation apps and the more aggresive ad-supported apps),
  4. Auto-sync enable/disable (uses mobile data or wifi to check for updates, emails, etc.)
  5. Brightness auto/bright/dim/off
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Hello Krizalllid, wifi is definately on but didn't know that i might have to ring to activate the offers on the phone ! Thanks for the advice on the power control widget i'll do that straight away.

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