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Jellybean rom leak

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I have just loaded the samsung jellybean leaked rom and its buttery smooth, but it has a lot of problems. I just like to stress that this is not a daily use rom before you go and rush to put it on your gs3.

Apart from a few new additions like Google Now, dormant mode and handwriting search in the browser, its basically the same as ice cream sandwich.

It has a few bugs. You can't install paid apps from the play store. High cpu usage. Scrolling is not smooth some times. It has crashed when I went to check messages. Maps some times gives a ANR.

If you still want to try it, get it from sammobile.com and instructions from XDA. I'm going back to ICS for now. Its going to be released by the end of this month so not long to wait now for the release version.

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Just curious as to which of the leaks you used? Been using it for a few days now & it's fine.

I have been running the Nandroid backup of the second leak provided by Jack Barrett here: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1837455

He's basically done all the work for you, he started on the required stock rom & baseband, the applied the new OTA leak did a factory reset then a Backup.

All I did was copy his Nandroid backup into my relevant folder on my SD card then wiped everything & restored the backup, then wiped again.

I haven't had any of the issues you listed, re-downloaded all of my apps including paid ones fine, scrolling is fast, CPU usage doesn't seem any different, restored my old messages from a backup & new ones work fine & today I have been out in the car using the Sat Nav from 12:00 am - 9:00pm and it was spot on the whole time.

Strange though that there are a lot of reports on XDA that this or that won't work, but I think a lot of people are trying to OTA from the wrong base rom or modem etc. or they aren't wiping.

( in general I mean, not pointing the finger at you :P )

The method in that thread I linked seems to be the most stable way. I saw Paul's tweet that he had installed on his S3 & thought it smooth too, might be worth while seeing what method he used or if it was something he built himself....

But for me as a daily driver it works fine, could do with a full rom to install from scratch though, update file is a bit of a cop out by sammy.

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Am uploading the lastest BETA of JellyBean (4.1.1).

It is a stock ROM. No changes.

You can try it and see what you think about it.

Will post link when uploaded.

Will be a CWM zip file.

The link will be in my ROM discussion thread.

Link to JellyBean 4.1.1. --- see Post #41


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jusumgeezer: I had tried the first ota leak, so it did have those problems I mentioned.

The second leak DLH4 is not any better. My browser keeps force closing on that version, probably due to no flash support and the media scanner puts my cpu to 1.4ghz non stop for 20+ minutes everytime I reboot. The cpu gets hot and theres some battery drain because of it. Yes I can go to the aplications manager and stop it, but its not worth the hassle everyday.

Like I said this is not a everyday use firmware yet. It is still beta I'd say. I'm not even bothering to try the latest leak DLH6 as they are reporting bugs in that version also. I'll just wait for the official version and hope that it is problem free.

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