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An experiment: Sony Xperia S and AOSP

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Do you own a Sony Xperia S, are you interested in getting AOSP running on it natively? Jean-Baptiste Queru has added an experimental tree for the Xperia S in the Android Open Source Project and is looking for your help in populating it.

I cant explain this better than JBQ can, so to quote:

I'm going to try an experiment.

Over time, AOSP has added files related to various hardware targets. We started with just a few scripts on a web page (1.0), then we had a git project (Cupcake), then we released some of the exact source files. That were used on retail flagship devices (Froyo), then distributed proprietary binaries (Gingerbread), then we were able to run on PandaBoard (Ice Cream Sandwich).

For a new challenge, I'd like to try to go one step further, and to target some hardware beyond the usual categories. I've added a git project for the Sony LT26, i.e. Xperia S. This seems like a good target: it's a powerful current GSM device, with an unlockable bootloader, from a manufacturer that has always been very friendly to AOSP.

That git project is currently empty. I'm open to suggestions about the best way to populate it. I think I'll start by putting together a skeleton set of makefiles, followed by a kernel. Contributions are strongly encouraged, and there should be more freedom than usual to submit experimental changes since that won't impact the devices that Google is most directly involved in.

I don't know how far that'll go, and there are so many unknowns that the only way to know is to try it.

As usual, please be very careful about handling any proprietary files, for Xperia S or any other device. Don't copy them, use them, or distribute them without an appropriate license. Obviously, don't upload them to AOSP if you don't own them. When in doubt, please ask ahead of time, it's easier to answer an email than to fix things in an emergency.


The original thread is here in the 'Android Building' Google Group.

I will be following this with great interest as the Xperia S is a very powerful device (as confirmed by Paul when he reviewed it back in April).

[Via: Android Building]


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I am now seeking a used one of these :-)

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