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Galaxy S III case review roundup

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Looking for a case for your Galaxy S III? Well I have a few here to talk about (and more on the way) so here's my thoughts on them! :)

Boxwave Minimus Brushed Aluminum Galaxy S3 Case (silver) - $17.95 - buy

This plastic shell case with aluminium backing is also available in black, blue, green and pink.

It snaps on and when on is virtually invisible at the sides (while still protecting the device).

The case has cutouts for the microUSB port, volume keys and power button, as well as the camera, flash and speaker on the back. The aluminium looks great and it doesn't add too much bulk / weight to the device. I'm impressed by this case, it's very nice! :)


Boxwave Ruby Patent Leather Galaxy S3 Book Jacket - $39.95 - buy

This shiny synthetic leather case clips on the 4 corners of the device and feels like it's holding it securely. The case is felt lined on the inside protecting the case and the screen and clips closed very firmly.

The case is padded but doesn't add too much bulk and of course, it's party piece is the ability to function as a kickstand for watching videos and the like. A nice case if you are looking for kickstand functionality.



Boxwave Unicolor Case (black) - $17.95 - buy

This plastic shell with rubber edging is also available in white and blue.

It snaps on and has a completely transparent back with very durable rubber sides. The raised edge protects your device when placed face down.

The case has cutouts for the microUSB port, headphone socket and mics (as well as the camera, flash and speaker on the back) but the power and volume buttons are pressed through the rubber edge. This case strikes me as ideal for some who wants something a little bit tougher, but without adding a ton of bulk to their device.


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