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[ROM] [ICS] B934 & B936 ROM Repack's with Dictionary Fix and more...

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You must be on the 2030 baseband and have CWM flashed before you attempt to install this, See instructions below on how to install.

Versions: [b934: 23092012] --- [b936: Coming Soon]

As I am sure most people are aware the official B934 and B936 ROM's came with many bugs and the most complained about one would probably be the dictionary bug, where all words are underlined in red and so a fix was made available for it shortly after but I thought I would have a go at getting the fix inbuilt in to the ROM and rebuilding the ROM to the way it should have been released. Further to that I have added a few other things that should have been included into the build as well. A full list of fixes and improvements has been included below. This is meant to be as close to the stock firmware as possible and is not meant to be a custom ROM. Please post your comments on how you get on with this ROM and what you think of it. Thanks

[How to install] To install this ROM you need to be on the 2030 baseband and have CWM flashed, For more information on how to do that see the Frequently Asked Questions below.

  • Download one of the ".zip" files and save it to your computer.
  • Copy the ".zip" file from your computer to a MicroSD card.
  • insert the MicroSD Card into the phone and reboot into recovery mode (Hold the Power Button, Select Reboot and hold the Volume Up key in, until the CWM Recovery Screen has loaded
  • From the CWM menu (Volume Buttons go up and down and Home is Select and Back is Back.) Select Install ZIP from SDCard > Choose ZIP from SDCard > and select the ROM you downloaded (the zip file) you will then need to confirm it. (Install can take up to 5 minutes dependent on the ROM selected so be patient)
  • Once completed you will be returned to the Main CWM Menu from there select "Wipe Cache Partition" and then select "Wipe Data / Factory Reset"
  • Finally select reboot now and allow the phone to reboot. The first boot can take up to 5 minutes to load.
  • You will now be prompted with the ICS Setup Wizard, You have successfully installed the ROM, Follow the setup instruction on your device to finish the installation.

    [Features of the ROM's]

    • Inbuilt Dictionary Fix and removed LatinIME.apk from "\System"
    • Boot Screen and Splash Screen are the same as the stock firmware.
    • All Stock Google Apps included (Including Play Music and Books on B936)
    • Most Huawei Apps included (Some are not included yet.)
    • Google Chrome now comes pre-installed (Installed to System, Taken from B940)
    • Added the missing Sounds from the builds, (Ringtones, Alarms, Noises etc).
    • As close to a fully working stock B934 or B936 firmware as you can get with all the fixes working.

    [Download Links for ROM Repack's]

    B934: Can be downloaded here. (Provided by, Google Docs / Drive)

    B936: Still in development, Coming Soon.

    [Frequently Asked Questions]

    Q: What does this ROM do that stock B934 and B936 can't do.

    A: It has fixes to some of the problems that are inbuilt in to the stock B934 and B936 firmwares, This includes the famous dictionary problem (words underlined in red). For a full list of what is included and fixed in the ROM's see the section marked "Features of the ROM's" above.

    Q: How do I get on to the 2030 baseband or install CWM Recovery.

    A: To install CWM Recovery or get on to the 2030 baseband you will need to follow my guide, (Click here for link) to install any version of ICS and to install CWM. Note: to get on to the 2030 baseband you will need to install a full version of ICS firmware, See Section 2 in the guide for more information.

    Q: Why has B934 been released but not B936.

    A: In short this is because B934 was made first as in terms of fixes and development it for me was easier, B936 as of 21:00 on 23/09/2012 is still being built and tested by me, I am having a lot of problems with the missing Google Apps, Getting them to work correctly. Further to this some of the changes made to B936 won't allow the Chrome app to be integrated correctly so will be looking in to this. B934 was done very early on and only needed 3 minor revisions since the initial development whereas B936 I have made about 15 different changes and am still trying to get it to work.

    [Change Log]

    B934, Initial Version (v1.0.0.0 - 23092012)

    B936, Initial Version (In Development, Still Testing)

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Well since you asked so nicely, Why not??

If you ask more nicely and not in CAPS and maybe with an explanation of the problem I will give it a go, but as far as i know there is no problem with wifi on B934 (on others there may be) and I am using it on my phone with no problems.

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I'm afraid saiem1 is right... no WiFi here, too.

First of all, directly after booting up for the first time, it did not even ask for WiFi to be enabled (very strange). Well, I though, OK, I can enable it afterwards.

But I can't. The switch is disabled. No activation possible. Screen just says "Enable WiFi?" (in German).

Update: Sometimes the WiFi-switch is enabled. Then I can move it to "On". Shortly afterwards, it switches back to "off" itself.

I'm glad I made a update via CMW before moving to B934... (I'm very new to all of this).

But this B934-version definitively does not work for me (I updated from B927 which worked fine). Maybe the B934 stock version does not has the WiFi-problems, I did not check that out.

By the way, I searched the forum here for quite a time - where can I get a stock (i.e. unmodified) B940? (ideally with vendor.app)

Best regards, M.

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