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Does the MK802-II fix the jitter/stuttering of the MK802?

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I bought the MK802 as soon as it became available. It works at a reasonable speed, but the display jitters/pauses/hangs every few seconds. This interferes with video playback, gui navigation and game play. Has anyone else experienced this and does the V2 product fix it? Is it a software problem that got fixed with V2 software?

What are the main improvements of the V2? Does it have bluetooth support? Not get as hot?


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I use the MK802 as a 'smartbook' plugged into a Motorola Atrix dock. With the latest (20120710) firmware or the 'Uberoid' v1.1 modded version, it runs pretty smooth and plays games and movies fine.

Most apps work well, but web browsing (stock browser, chrome, opera) can be frustratingly slow at times.

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