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Jellybean Rollout - Flash Player problem

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Hi All,

Quite new to this S3 forum but have been a member of the ZTE Skate Forum for 12 months but have persuaded mysefl to get a half decent phone for once !

Am I led to believe that what I was prompted to flash from the device yesterday is the new official Jellybean from Samsung ? It does say 4.1.1 now that it has finished.

Another thing that leads me to believe it is Jellybean is that I cannot run flash from websites ? A quick Google revealed that I need to download Flash 11.1 from Adobe's servers and install solved this but now when I am streaming videos, the screen goes into powerdown after 30 seconds as if the device is idle and goes to standby. I know I can just turn on the Smart stay function but I want to use my All Share Cast device so I can beam to my TV without it switching off like it did before flashing. Anybody know how to fix this ?

I have also noticed now that the device no longer vibrates when I receive a message when in silent mode even though I haven't changed any of the settings ? I noticed this was the same when I updated the non standard ROM on my old ZTE Skate ?

Any help much appreciated on what is the best phone I've ever had ...

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