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Vibrating bit not turning on

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Had skate for a year now, no problems, then suddenly tonight it rebooted itself.

Then got to lock screen a cpl of times but unlocking screen caused reboot again.

Pulled battery, now it won't switch on - just vibrates when I try power button, also just vibrates on volume+ & menu, or vol+ & power or vol- & power

any ideas, please?


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Does Android logo show up when you plug in a USB cable without battery?

Edit: androidlimb was faster this time. The constant vibrating (and occasional flashing red) indicate an empty battery. I had to charge mine with an external charger once, otherwise the phone wouldn't do it itself.

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Seems like your battery is extrem low, just recharge the skate.

doh! how silly do i feel now!!!

i do know vibrate means low battery but the reboot bit threw me,

thanks :D

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