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Official ICS rom -- no service?

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Hi there!

I managed to mess up my phone completely yesterday, much because of my own stupidity and a faulty USB cable. I have never used any custom roms before, and had not intended too, since I've always found it a bit scary. But after trusting LG PC Suite and said faulty USB cable to update to ICS, my phone stopped working at all, which kind of forced my hand.

So I found this official ICS 4.0.4 rom, and managed to install it on my phone: http://www.modaco.co...e-for-download/

It seems to work great, and I really love my new phone, but I never get a signal anymore. In Norwegian, it says "Ingen dekning", which I guess translates to "No service", and the signal bars in the upper right corner are empty, and has a red cross on them. Any ideas on what I can do about this?

As some additional information, this is exactly what I did yesterday:

  • Started out with a fully working, but laggy 2.3.
  • Crashed it completely when trying to update to ICS using LG PC Suite.
  • Installed official 2.3 rom again, in an attempt to let LG PC Suite try again. Phone worked just as before, with service.
  • LG PC Suite refused to update, just kept telling me that I had the newest version.
  • I then found and installed the above mentioned official ICS rom. Loved it, but soon discovered that I had no service.
  • Attempted to reinstall the official 2.3 rom to get a usable phone, but now I had no service on this one either.
  • Since I had no service anyway, I decided I might as well have no service with ICS, so I installed the ICS rom once again. Still no service.

So bottom line, I think it was something that happened when I installed ICS, since it worked in 2.3 before, but not after.

I tried swapping sim card with a friend -- my card worked in his phone, but his card in my phone still got no service.

EDIT: Oh, yeah, and I have checked the APN settings. They are correct.

Huge thanks to anybody who can help me sort this out!

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Hi there!

Thanks for the suggestion, but that is actually the exact rom I installed when the official update failed, so yes, I have tried SmartFlash. :P

I used both the files mentioned in that thread, which I believe includes the baseband, so I think I did that part right. I also tried using the very fancy method described here, which I believe should give me exactly the same rom as the official update, but I still can't get a signal. Everything else works, though.

Any other ideas? :)

EDIT: Actually, I have now tried SmartFlash, NVFlash, and the above mentioned approach, and while all of them work splendidly in most aspects, I can't get a signal in any of them anymore. Note that the last time I had a signal was with the NVFlashed 2.3 rom, but even when going back to that now, I can't get a signal.

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Stage one - reallllllly check the APN, etc. to make sure you aren't doing something silly.

Stage two - check that the baseband and RIL elements match and are the right ones

Stage three - try different BB & RIL combos

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Thanks for the suggestions, sane!

I double and triple checked the APN, and it is correct. To further confirm this, I put the sim card in another phone, and it works there (if I have understood correctly, the APN settings are stored on the sim card, so this should confirm the APN).

I installed GetRIL, and it confirms that the RIL/Baseband is matching. The information it gives me is as follows:

  • RIL: V30a (EU)
  • md5sum: d7f7ff314a77b87d645c9e4c7ebb38bc

    And I have confirmed this with another Optimus 2X user with a Norwegian model. He has the exact same information both in GetRIL, and in the phone settings:

    • Android version: 4.0.4
    • Baseband version: 1035.21_20121130
    • Kernel version:
    • Version number: IMM76L.LG-P990-P99030a.1211302332
    • Software version: P99030a

    So apparently, my phone has the exact same rom versions, baseband and RIL as another 2X phone from Norway. What else can possibly be wrong?

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