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Star b92m aka HDC Galaxy S3 EX

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This chinese phone sports some standard specs for reasonable price <200$

MTK 6577

1gb ram

4gb rom

4,7 inch screen




It has been rooted over at XDA

and there is at least a rom available for it DRX1.7 (and the zopo 900-950)

The basic downside is the limited battery duration, which claims to be 2000mAh.

Edit, The GPS which i had the oportunity to use today is also poor, but there has been a solution posted online involving the replacement of the GPS antenna with a homemade one

Available roms for b92m:

Modrom DRX 2.0.3

Modrom DRX 2

Modrom DRX 1.7.3

Modrom DRX 1.7 beta 2 / beta 1

4.1.1 rom

Orefice rom 1.3

Our russian friends have a more detailed list on their forum

and there is the original 4.0.4 rom floating somewhere but I cant locate it at the moment. I will add it if/when I relocate it

Edit: there are also seem to exist two taiwanese roms if anyone wants to give them a try. One JB 4.1.2 and one ICS

Taiwan101_STAR-B92_ICS_V.02 ( this rom wouldnt work with my phone. It would stay stuck at the android icon)

Taiwan101_STAR-B92_JB_V.01-2 (lots of chinese stuff in. and no greek)

New rom (haven't tried it yet)

No cholesterol mod V1, JB 4.1.2

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