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Facebook releases 'Facebook Pages Manager' - here's how to download

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Up until now, managing Facebook Pages on your phone has been something of a challenge. Rather than improving the Pages functionality in the core app, Facebook have instead chosen to release a new app dedicated to doing just that - 'Facebook Pages Manager'. But grabbing a copy isn't as easy as you might think!

The application offers the following...

  • Helps Facebook Page admins connect with their audience and keep up with activity on multiple Pages.
  • Post new updates and photos and respond to comments as your Pages
  • View and reply to private messages sent to your Page
  • Get notifications about new activity on your Pages right away
  • View your latest Pages Insights

The reason that it's hard to get hold of is that the application seems to be available only to a very limited number of territories via the Play Store - I tried downloading here in the UK for instance and the application was marked as 'unavailable in your country'. My usual trick of spoofing my operator to T-Mobile US using MarketAccess didn't work either.

The solution seems to be to either user MarketAccess to set your operator to Canada's Bell network - code 302610 - assuming you have root access, or instead download the APK directly that i've handily uploaded for you.

I've had a quick play with the app and while rather basic it does work fairly well, although there seems to be no way to disable notifications completely which can be a bit annoying.

Let us know what you think!


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Interestingly it appeared in the Play Store for me as soon as I read this yesterday and I installed it with no issues (also UK).

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