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[DEV][ROM][Skate] ParanoidJelly2 - ParanoidAndroid 3.+/AOSP- Android 4.2.2 (29/03/2013)

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ParanoidJelly2 - ParanoidAndroid 3.+ - Hybrid UI ROM for the ZTE Skate - Android 4.2.2

This is my build of ParanoidAndroid that's based on AOSP 4.2.2.

Since AOSP has no support for armv6 devices anymore I decided

to go way of reusing all the necessary low-level system parts from CyanogenMod.

Framework part (apps,settings, ...) is vanilla AOSP with PA specific features on top.

Additionally, I ported some well-known must-have features from CM.

See changelogs in the second post.

This is a rom in development process suitable for advanced users only not whining about all the well known problems

or missing features. Please, don't ask where the features you may know from CM are.

They are simply not there. This is AOSP PA, not CM!

I might port some of the most requested ones over time, but can't promise anything.

After having used the initial release for some time I can safely say it's stable enough for daily use.

Known issues

- no Camera flash

- bluetooth temperamental

- no Voice input (because of armv6)

- occassional graphical glitches during window animations in Browser app (might be in other apps, too)

- no thumbnails for recorded videos

- launcher home screen not showing at first boot - press home button to fix

- and all the others I forgot about or haven't came across yet


- ROM fits on 200MB system partition including my stripped gapps package


- ROM: http://tinyw.in/QbOU (release 29/03/2013)

- Gapps: http://tinyw.in/qpn6 (updated 29/03/2013)

- Gapps Multi-DPI: http://tinyw.in/nSGc (updated 29/03/2013 - use in case of using other than stock DPI. Play store won't complain about apps incompatibilities)

- OPTIONAL: Compatible INT2EXT+ script: http://tinyw.in/Zjvl (flash after flashing rom and gapps)

Installation instructions

- Download ROM, Gapps ZIPs to your SD card

- Boot into clockworkmod

- Backup your current ROM (optional but highly recommended)

- Wipe Data / factory reset

- Wipe cache

- Advanced / Wipe dalvik cache

- Mounts & Storage / format system (just to be sure)

- install zip from SD card - choose ROM zip

- install zip from SD card - choose Gapps zip

- reboot

- let it settle for couple of minutes until media scanner finishes its media scanning job. Otherwise UI might be a bit laggy.

- complete google setup and press Home if there's blank screen instead of launcher showing

Upgrade instructions - without wiping data

- Use Settings / Hybrid properties / Tools to backup your Paranoid settings

- Download ROM, Gapps ZIPs to your SD card

- Boot into ClockworkMod

- Backup your current version (optional but recommended)

- Wipe cache

- Advanced / wipe dalvik cache

- Mounts&storage / format system

- install zip from SD card - choose ROM zip

- install zip from SD card - choose Gapps zip

- reboot

- Use Settings / Hybrid properties / Tools to restore your Paranoid settings

- if you experience stability problems or other undesired behaviour, go for fresh install!!!

Source code

ROM: https://github.com/ParanoidZTE/

Device tree: https://github.com/C...evice_zte_skate

Proprietaries: https://github.com/C...endor_zte_skate

Kernel: https://github.com/C3C0/zte_skate_35

Respect and credits go mainly to Tilal and KonstaT for doing all the dirty

work to bring JellyBean to ZTE devices and the whole androidarmv6 project team, Paranoid Android team, and all the others

involved. Special thanks to daemond for great patches solving the remaining issues (sound routing, HW VSYNC, video playback, ...)

Edited by C3C0
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Changelog 29/03/2013

- Synced with AOSPA repos

- Limit on number of background apps

--- set to 8 by default in build.prop (sys.mem.max_hidden_apps)

- Additional FM Radio audio routing fixes

- Potential fix for status bar freeze

- Automatic disablement of Pie while on lockscreen

- Dynamic Hybrid properties toggle (tile)

- Option to adjust automatic brightness levels

- Option to set custom lockscreen background

- Updated gapps (new Gmail)

--- make sure to uninstall Gmail update from data partition if present

- Upgrade without wiping data possible

Changelog 22/03/2013

- Synced with AOSPA repos (AOSPA 3.15)

- Semaphore driven sysinit for better int2ext compatibility

- Fixed FM Radio audio routing and volume control

- Effem: new FM Radio app by daemond

--- RDS support

--- Automatic and manual search

--- Personal station list

- Fixed 2G/3G toggle

- Pie (expanded desktop) toggle

- CM Volume toggle

- CM Quite Hours

- Option to disable fullscreen keyboard in Landscape mode

- New cool AOSPA easteregg

- Upgrade without wiping data possible

Changelog 06/03/2013

- synced with ParanoidAndroid repos (AOSPA 3.10)

- FM Radio with RDS support

--- system part ported from CM

--- device part ported from Blade (thanks daemond & KonstaT)

- Koush's Superuser - integrated into Settings

--- removed SuperSU

--- don't forget to uninstall SuperSU updates from Data partition if present

- Updated kernel GPU drivers

- AOSP: fixed starting window memory leak

- CM: Caching of pre-scaled bitmaps - reducing memory pressure

- Updated QuickSettings

--- 2G/3G toggle missing - they seem to be having some problems with it since Android 4.2.2

- Lockscreen: option to enable/disable HW acceleration

--- fixes unlock ring glitch when HW accel disabled

- PIE improvements:

--- improved touchhandling, no emptyangle

--- better animations

--- clear all button for notifications

--- header with time and date for both panels

--- expandable notifications

- upgrade without wiping data possible

Changelog 23/02/2013

- Synced with ParanoidAndroid official repos

- fixed keyguard statusbar showing while in ext desktop

--- fixes it in apps like Currents as well

- PIE: animation revamped, style changes

- PIE: better looking snappoints, reorientation bug

- Lockscreen: enable longpress on expand challenge handle

- LockScreen: option to show widgets maximized

- Lockscreen: enabled hardware acceleration to increase smoothness

--- introduces small graphical anomaly at the bottom of the screen that breaks unlock circle a bit

- Stock Launcher: introduced Launcher settings (work in progress)

- Option to access QuickPanel toggles quickly

--- by swiping statusbar from the right edge of the screen

- centered accept/reject call button

- upgrade without wiping data possible

Changelog 16/02/2013

- Android 4.2.2

- Synced with PA sources

- Fixed previously broken haptic feedback

- Fixed Tablet UI profile

- Improved layout of Circle battery

- Statusbar: show date on 2 lines

- Long-press Back to kill app

- Added CPU and Memory info in About Phone

- Possible to upgrade without wiping data

(clean install recommended)

Changelog 11/02/2013

- Synced with PA sources

- Fixed button backlight

- Option to disable button backlight (Settings/Display)

- Advanced Phone settings ported from CM

--- Flip to mute/dismiss call

--- Vibrate on answer

--- Vibrate on call waiting

--- Vibrate on hang up

--- Vibrate every 45 seconds during call

- New Pie features

--- new repositioning system

--- better animations

--- better looking snappoints

--- pie can be centered or appear where swipe up happens

--- bug fixes

- Recent apps on Home long-press

- Few power consumption optimizations

- Possible to upgrade without wiping data

Changelog 09/02/2013

- Synced with PA sources - AOSPA 3.00

- Fixed FC in Language&Input settings

- Option to disable Pie by disabling Trigger area

- Updated PA preferences app (Hybrid properties)

- New HDPI status bar icons for mobile and wifi

- Screenshot in power menu

- Added Power menu settings

- Options to control Low battery warning

- Options for Screenshot sound and delay

- Added PartitionInfo

- Bluetooth fixes (still cannot be turned off)

- Upgrade possible without wiping data

Changelog 07/02/2013

- synced with PA repos (mainly bug fixes)

- AOSP apps synced with Android 4.2.1_r1.2

- new Pie options (gap, ...)

- potential support for S2E (untested)

- added Skate specific Advanced menu in Settings (prox calib, etc)

- removed ZTE Skate app from app drawer

- fixed FC in Settings / Storage info

- CM Circle Battery (Settings/Toolbars/Batery status style)

- Circle Battery hooked to PA per-app coloring system

- Statusbar Ticker hooked to PA per-app coloring system

- CM Performance Settings (CPU, IO Scheduler)

- CM Call Statistics

- removed NoFrillsCPU app

- upgrade from previous version without wiping data possible

Initial release 31/01/2013

- fixed armv6 compatibility issues

- fixed touchscreen

- fixed telephony

- fixed WiFi

- fixed Native WiFi Tethering

- fixed Native USB Tethering

- hardware VSYNC support

- 16bpp surface patches

- OMX HQ Video

- Added missing AOSP Music

- Added missing Sim Toolkit

- Added NoFrillsCPU control

- ported CM features

--- purging of bitmap assets

--- volume key cursor control

--- clear all recents

--- boostpulse support

- paranoid profiles adjusted

- and many many small fixes

Edited by C3C0
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You sir, deserve a medal. Amazing, downloading now

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Oh no, have just got PJ1 working just how i want it and loving how well its running on skate.

clean install needed or just update?

Sorry didn't read fist post - have now.


Edited by johnny07mdc

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I flashed it and it is working great,for now :)Link2sd is working,pie is great...Storage menu fc.

Edited by banemitre66

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I couldn't get on with it personally, but it looks nice

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Im sorry for the probably stupid question but I cant seem to find how to get rid of google search tooolbar from home screen?

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Nice stuff for our thrusty armv6 devices.Also thanks for githubbing your changes to make it work with armv6, that will probably result in a build for the Crescent :)

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iam late to the party again :P

C3C0, I love your time scales. me thinking weeks. you mean hours :D

thank you. :)

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Can be upgraded from Paranoidjelly?

Yes, just take a backup and also clear data from clock after boot into PJ2

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And now thinking... :-S very very curious about your new work, C3C0... and a little lazy, too, to replace a wonderful ParanoidJelly"1", that works as a charm :-)

Temptations ... how much time i'll resist? :-)

Thank you so much, C3C0 :)

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Thank you all for kind words.

I forgot to mention that clean install is required just to be on the safe side. Upgrading from different android version (what pa1 is) is too risky.

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Now I see I probably messed up hybrid profiles... DPI settings don't work. Just to let you know...

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Anyway to make it permanent? Would be so useful

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  • Font looks like it's bold. Not everywhere. It's clearly for example in the search bar or in messages
  • Calculator is not working, app crashes.
  • Camera seems to lose it's 4.1 quality - not for sure
  • Pie controls don't have clock etc (/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1F7l4d3bjFM/))
  • Edit mode in Gallery is unusable
  • Status bar often goes gray & green and then back to normal
  • Swype not working


    • Trebuchet/Nova launcher with shortcut to settings in Settings.apk would be good, the same with ZTE Skate Settings and No-frills CPU.. if possible
    • System settings were amazing, i'm missing status bar settings, navigation bar, power off menu settings, also screenshot.

    Will edit with more bugs & improvements ;)

Edited by shaez

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For me there isnt any bugs that I cant live with only that i would really like to remove search bar,btw daydream is great.

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