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Vodafone S3 freezing and crashing

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Hi all,

Had my S3 for quite a few months (since June) and it's been running really well.

However, in the last 2-3 weeks the phone has started randomly freezing - needing a long-press on the power key to force it to reboot. Sometimes it happens several times in 15 minutes.

I've tried disabling / uninstalling recent apps to see if something was crashing the OS, and I've even done a factory reset - which helped for a few days. However, it's started coming back now.

The thing is really irritating and making the phone unusable. Has anyone else seen this? Do we know if there's a fix?

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Having exactly the same problem, had mine for a few months and worked perfectly but like yours recently started freezing and crashing. Lookis like we have done the same, I have deleted apps and a factory reset but no joy. Could do with a fix or its back to the shop on the weekend

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