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San Diego USB Dock (CHEAP!)

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Okay so after searching the forums, I couldn't find any docks for the San Diego that definitely worked. There was one that is made for san deigo but it is ugly and expensive (relative to this one).

I found this one on Ebay which was only £2.

It fits perfectly and works flawlessly.

There are a few cons though:

- Slippy base (I just glued some rubber on there)

- No line out (can line out be achieved via a micro usb cable?)

- Shipped from Hong Kong (takes a week or two for delivery)

Photos below :)




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Mine took two weeks for delivery (which was free)

Regarding quality, I would say it is a 7/10, it doesn't really have much weight and feels a little 'plasticy' but for £2 its a definite buy :)

Now if only I could sort that audio out, anyone willing to try this??

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