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UK XOOM MZ604 upgrading

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Hi folks like most people I will be looking to flash a ROM to allow me at least some updates ,perhaps even "gedify it" If I can find the NOOBS guide (seems to have vanished?)

I have always understood that my UK MZ604 was WIFI only i.e. wingray so you can imagine my surprise when I used

Smart System Info app from the play store to which tells me the following under DEVICE;


Brand MOTO

Code Name wifi_hubble

CPU ARMv7 Rev 0 (v71)


Hardware Stingray :huh:

1) So if I want to Gedify OR apply a new ROM which do I need Singray or Wingray????

2) Am I not understanding wingray/stingray? :unsure:

3) Is the app in error?

An help would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance

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If it is out of warranty you can very easily check whether the mini pci slot and 3G card is present.

Two screws in the front (Near the usb / hdmi / power slot) I think they are T7's (Torx). The bottom bit slides off you can see whether the hardware is present.

It won't hurt to use a Wingray rom. (You might want to if the device is a usa CDMA one that you cannot use).

Don't use apps to test for the device version just use settings -> about (I think the app is most probably badly coded).

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Sorry for the late reply unrandomsam (spent a couple of weeks on vacation). Thank you for the information feel a lot happier about looking for ROMs now!

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