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[PORT][JB]Note II's Multi Window [alpha]

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Most of us know note II's awesome multiwindow feature

For the ones, who don't know what multiwindow feature is use youtube

i was reading this thread on xda and thought of porting it two Cloud Mobile

Well as you know .... may have read you need various files from note II Lucky they have provided those files in the above thread

and also I too have a note II

so maybe we can make this work

for a few weeks i have been working on xml files (for Liquid Metal) and I am quite good at it

also editing of smali files is a bit hard for me as I have virtually no experience in it

So if devs like Vache and davidevinavil help me we can make this work

I will start working on the .xml files from today evening as per my time zone (GMT +5:30)

Also can anybody link me to any good JB rom or even the stock JB rom (flashable zip please)

I am thinking of using Vache rom

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Why not trying on ICS Rom? With JB , with only work for the devices with EMEA_FR and WW_GEN1

My note II is jellybean device....

Also it may boost the chances of achieving it

Also Acer will be providing jellybean to all versions

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Looking at the files

The task seems very hard to me

Also I don't own a Cloud Mobile

So i will need guinea pigs brave users to test it

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