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Deodex Removes Root

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Im currently on the xolo rom with root privileges but i've encoutered a problem deodexing (if thats a word!)

At first the AIO tool for the xolo/san diego wasnt extracting the xolo deodex automatically so I downloaded the zip file from dropbox and extracted the 'app' and 'framework' folders to C\SanDiego\tools\xolodx however after executing the 'deodex xolo ics' command in the AIO tool when my phone restarts I no longer have root and there are no .odex files in the '\system\app' and '\system\framework' directories!

I can root again but when deodexing it again does the same thing!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Turns out deodexing doesn't create odex files! My bad, still a little strange that root is removed though?

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I think the root exploit file is in the system folder so when you replace the file with the unzipped version you need to use the exploit again, if that made sense.

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