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Chip Chain comes to Android

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The rather addictive iOS game Chip Chain is now available for Android.

With over 160,000 download on iOS, Chip Chain is a free download (with optional in app purchases) which has the classic ingredients for a successful game - it's easy to pick up but the gameplay mechanic means there's lots to master.

Place and match 3 or more identical poker chips to earn a more valuable chip, then chain together matches for huge bonuses! Play power-up cards to make combos, extend chains, and maximize your score. The dealer tosses chips to get in your way, but if you play smart and think ahead, you can turn the tables and use them to your advantage. Earn gems to spend on better chips, more powerful cards, bigger hands, gem multipliers, and more!

Each day, 2 of 4 unique modes are available to play and with them changing daily it adds a bit of variety to the game without requiring you to make a purchase. You either earn gems by playing or buy gems to unlock them all.

The modes are "TIMED - Time is running out: quickly place your chips before it’s too late.", "SHORT – Do your best with 40 chips: place them with care and take your time!", "LONG - Unlimited chips, but be careful not to stack yourself into a corner." and "DAILY - Compete against friends to see who can rack up the most points using the same chips. A new board every day!".

Chip Chain uses the ScoreLoop system (which I didn't realise is part of RIM!).

It's a nice little game and a welcome break for me from the frustration of Candy Crush Saga. :D Give it a try by downloading from the Play Store.

[Via: Games.com]


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Don't see the attraction of any game with pay to win features.

(Or is this a paid product placement type thing it looks awful).

Play Super Hexagon instead. (If you haven't finished it there is no reason to play another game).

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