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Interesting, could you post some more information on it and maybe some screenshots? Cheers

Edit: for example ICS or GB? Based on what stock rom? What about the speed and sensitivities, are there any Chinese characters left in the rom?

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Tried this last night. it's ICS, all seemed OK, nice and smooth, nothing fancy. The file manager was Chinese, but the rest fine. No keyboard. However, once I booted and installed a keyboard and enabled wifi, it then wouldn't get a reliable data connection, so wouldn't connect to Play to install apps. I also tried with Ouch kernel on it. Still no connections, so it really stopped me properly trying this ROM out. Shame, because it seemed quite nice - although I suppose having lots of brightly coloured icons instead of the default ics blue ones in settings is hardly an earthshattering advance.

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Yes ICS based on B926

Its multilanguage,but you can get from Playstore MoreLocale2 for you're language like i did for italian.

Has 4 themes.

I use 3g but for me works even wifi. You have to do all full wipes like i did i think.

Its a bit LG and a bit SGH Galaxy 3 style.

For screenshots go to the above link.

For me its smooth and fast. ;)

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