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Franck Black

How to revive the ZTE Skate / OMC

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Hello friends, I had a few days to get my Zte Skate/OMC, which did not respond to anything ... Tpt, image.bin, fastboot, etc ... Here is the tutorial, now is in Spanish ... I promise translate and post it properly ....


Very important: Thanks Ortega16... This tutorial is for because they are not you more options to recover the mobile... The last resort... warned are...

Very important: it is very likely to change them in IMEI

Important: in this last step when you restarted the phone always I went to the recovery... only the rom began to connect the cable to the pc... once it starts because they can disconnect the cable...

Important: they will lose the wifi, but I assure you that this is the least of the problems, install a cooked already it fixes.

Well, the theme... is a copy and paste of the tutorials and will explain the changes I made in the files...

Recovery 1st part

These files are modified by the Skate... even though they had the same name...

After downloading the file, copy it and paste in the root of C: / (would be C:/ZTE Skate.rar). (edited)

You now execute the ZTE Skate.rar file and give it to extract (do not change the target path). (edited)

Once uncompressed should be C:/ZTE Skate (edited)

If your hard disk drive did not have that letter (C: /) nothing happens, but it is recommended that drive letter for topics that I've already pre-configured a software that comes in the pack and now I will explain.

The folder that is in C: / (if you have another because the letter that you have), it should be called ZTE Skate and within this must be files and folders that we need. (edited)

Within this folder should be all the files and folders that will be useful throughout the tutorial.

Step 1

Well, while files are downloaded, we are going to prepare your phone to see if you can recover..

First thing would be to have a load on the battery of at least 20 percent, although with less (without going over) could begin.

Do not worry if this sim and micro sd inside or outside of the phone, this doesn't matter.

From here I would ask that before performing the steps you read everything.

Click and let down both volume buttons (- and +) and finally the Power on button. (in the case of the Skate, it does not lack power, but just in case)

Gives equal the order in which you click the more and the less volume; but please the Power button the last.

If everything turned out well, pressing the power button should appear for less than a second the return key light red.

So we understand it, press button volume (- and +) and finally the Power button and should appear and disappear the red light on the button return (button that is to the right of the menu).

This would also serve us as a way of checking if we are going to be able to save or not our phone, because if it turns on and turns off this light, we have guaranteed to recover it.

We continue by inserting the usb cable on the pc or laptop and finished by connecting it to the phone.We will hear a sound quickly or perhaps in 3 seconds.

a sound will be heard quickly or perhaps in 3 seconds.

If not will light it the light briefly and or the sound is not heard in 15 seconds, something is wrong or that phone no is dead. (it can be in the workshop in a few days).

To make sure that actually we have not done well or the phone is unrecoverable (I assure you that this mode that I am teaching is almost the same as used in the sat's for this brand), let's go to the pc (I use win 7 64-bit). (I also)

Click the Windows Start button, then control Panel, then system and security and finally click on Device Manager (if you know go more quickly, as yourselves).

Once in the Device Manager we will go until the end of the list that starts the Ports (COM)


I recommend you take note of the port number because it will need later (only if the port is different from 10).

Well, so far the first step. We go with the second.

Step 2

Remember, this pack unzipped it to the root of your hard drive (preferably C: /).

You will have created a folder called ZTE Skate. (edited)

We enter this folder and the first thing we are going to run is the Drivers file (this is the phone drivers and are automatically installed).

Once installed, we look for and run the file called USDL P726G (the mobile phone to be connected to the pc).

It will leave a window will ask you where User and Pass. If we look better, we will see that right there is an exclamation point "!"


Click this sign and it will automatically appear in User, the word Administrator.

Pass put ZTEsmt123 (inside the folder there is a file named Password and he's written the Pass).

Once completed, click on OK. Does not pop out a notice with very rare letters, or at least on my pc are rare, click OK.

If you have not copied it the folder at the root of the C: drive / will give an error saying that the path does not exist.

If this happens do not you worry now I will tell you how, if you did like I said not this message; But if you give OK and ready.

Opens us the program and almost is already pre configured by my that may not have to touch nothing, or almost nothing.

With the program already open, below, where it says File Information, if we gave error that the path does not exist, click on SW Directory and look in the folder you unzipped another folder called FTM Flasher and within this, another called Files.


Again, if you did not give the error "path does not exist", then this will not be necessary to make it.

All the other boxes leave them as they are.

In the part of the top-left of the window, we see that it puts COM10.

At the end of part 1 of this manual, the number of port in the Device Manager, is 10, then we see that to the right of the screen, the first Ready, this without the grey background (and not as they are the others).

If our port is the same one that puts on the left, click the arrow that is just under the number of the port (COM10)

The process will take a few seconds (35/50 seconds). When the process is complete the word Ready will get green fluo also give information on the line.

Now, if the port is not the same that appears in the program, then go again look towards the top-left of the window, we will see that put Option next to Help.

Click on Option and from the drop-down menu choose Port Config.

A sale will open and we will see first Line 1 - DIAG.

We change the port COM10 whereby we exit the Device Manager.

Once changed click OK and return automatically to the main window of the program.

We perform the steps explained above, for those who did not need to change the port and once the process closed the program.

Well, we have already made two of the four steps that we must make. We have finished with this step. We continue.

Important: These first steps, tutorial did it with the files as is Punkored got them... but the only mobile vibrated and unresponsive to anything... Luckily was still accessing in Download mode...

Recovery 2nd part

These files are the tutorial unlock...Want to unlock your OMC / Skate? Tutorial here! (if you have no need that the download)

Step 3

If it was not clear, the above program can be closed. Also we can disconnect the phone and not the pc usb cable.

I repeat, not from the PC, only the phone.

Here change the tutorial for the folder unlock, unlock tutorial.. (Want to unlock your OMC / Skate? Tutorial here!)

Go to the Unlock folder (edited)

Once inside the Unlock folder, run a file called Download. (edited)

Now we go back to the phone, open it and remove the battery. I repeat remove you the battery.

Now click and hold down the volume (-) button and hold even the button volume (-) connect the usb cable to the phone and only release (-) volume button when on the display of the phone FTM words appear on a white background.

We return to the program and will see that we can now press the STAR button.

Click on it and begin the process that will last between 1 minute - 1:30 min. Tell you when the process go by 6%, you'll notice as the screen turns off (and so will continue until the end of the process), also a beep of disconnection of usb.

Do not worry because this is normal and will again sound connecting (it does this because the phone at that point in the process restarts and continues once rebooted).

The process will continue the just stand and do these things and to reach 99% will also slow down the process (nothing happens), at the end will reach 100% and thus the "full" message (in English).

You press OK or OK and ready.

Already we can close the program, disconnect the cable from the phone (not from the pc still) and insert the battery. BUT not close even the phone (back cover).

And with this we finished step three. Continue with step four. (optional)

Step 4

Now we have to have a Rom.

You can choose of the many there and pass it to the memory card (use an adapter to connect to the pc or some other method).

Note: If you did a Backup with some Recovery until it damaged you phone, you can put that recovery in the card and recover the phone. (in my case not I could restore any backup)

There are also people who have done their original phone Backups if you do not like the Rom's cooked.

Once copied to the microSD, we can definitely close the phone (back cover). (just in case not so close)

Now let's press 3 buttons for 5 seconds, hold start button (to the left of menu), button volume (-) and then Power button.

I repeat that without releasing the 3 pressed simultaneously for 5 seconds.

It will turn on the phone and will show us the Green android logo.

Again connect the usb cable to the phone.

Recovery and root

Run the 0_Install_CWM_recovery.bat, install the CWM Recovery on your phone and you also restart it. (edited)

When it restarts, it will be because showing the CWM Recovery menu and here is where you can install a ROM either restore a Backup (dump).

Remember that the ROM or Backup, had to load it onto the micro SD.

Once installed or restored, restart the phone from the CWM Recovery phone has come to life.

The first thing to do is to thank Punkored for his great tutorial, without that tutorial I think that many ZTE would trash, literally... and second painkiller93 for the tutorial of liberation, that the files served me to not install the ZTE Blade... and finally Josean94, which reminded me of the tutorial of Punkored.

I hope have helped, greetings...

original tutorials links

Libera tu ZTE Skate/Orange Montecarlo Gratis!

Recuperar "ZTE Blade" Muerto o Casi Muerto

Rooteo e instalacion Recovery en ZTE Skate

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really helpfull. i was hopeless. thaaaaaaaank u Franck & ortega16, thank u so much. only for the step " Recovery and root" , as cmd line was showing "waiting device", so i flashed my skate with a skatie tpt rom. again thk u. current post done using my skate #_#

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