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ZTE KIS V788 - Flashing problems

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Hi guys,

I have a ZTE KIS V788 with a Turkcell original rom. I've flashed the device with the de-branded ROM for ZTE KIS / Roamer 2 [gingerbread] modified by Sebastian404. I used this image: r0_de-branded_roamer2-update-signed.zip

The rom is amazing and run very well. Everything is working well except for 2 issues: The camera is not working and it doesn't find the SIM Card anymore. The message No SIM Card is showing all the time and, of course, the device couldn't register on my carrier network.

I've tried to find the original stock rom but i just could find the Tigo(a carrier from Rwanda, i think) update rom application in the ZTE official global site. The application doesn't install a new rom, but its scripts modify the current rom. So i run the app over the de-branded ROM. I had to change some asserts and little things in the script but finally i updated the rom. As result i got a partially debranded device. The camera is working now but the phone is still failing to register on the carrier network because it still can't find the SimCard and i got the same message. No SIM Card. Another interesting thing: I made an app to show the Telephony properties and it couldn't get the IMEI number and didn't find any network.

Has anybody seen anything like that or solved problems like this before?

I would like to try another roms, but i can't find stock roms for this phone.

Some help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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you have corrupted your baseband, similar issues happened in the blade forum

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