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To Hot to charge?

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Has anyone had their N4 stop charging presumably due to heat.

I often use mine in the car as a sat-nav + have it playing/streaming music via subsonic and I've noticed a couple of times over the past few days that it will stop charging and thus I usually end up getting where I was going with a nearly flat battery.

Either the Car chargers on it's way out, or I suspect the N4 is getting to hot as it does feel quite warm to the touch.

I suspect it's the extra heat from the sun shining through the window (A rare occurrence here in the UK) doing it as throughout the colder weather it's been fine and I have seen similar behavior on other handsets (actually had a iphone4s shutdown due to overheating before)

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I think it's your charger not charging it properly. I do the same as you (navigation + playing music) in my car's shield and never had a problem with heat. I live in Greece and weather gets quite warm this time of the year.

Try it with another charger preferably OEM.

Actually never had such issue with any of the devices I had incl. an iPhone 4 but always use car chargers with OEM specs.

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Actually Just bought a new charger anyway as I suspect the old one was incredibly noisy electrically, (It was one of those tiny ones that just sticks out of the 12v accessory socket slightly) was causing a load of noise to be picked up on the sound system even with a ground loop isolator in-place

New one you can hear a slight buzz on the audio without the isolater in place and nothing (that I could notice) with the isolater in.

The New one is Dual output and claims to deliver upto 2A @5v if a single device is plugged in or 2x 1A @ 5v it's also much larger and doesn't get anywhere near as hot as the old one did.

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