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Why does my phone not trigger upgrade

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I have been reading for many weeks that there is f/w update for my Galaxy S2 GT-I9100

This is unlocked phone in the UK, and that I should be able to get 4.2.2

Yet if I connect to KIES it tells me "This is the latest firmware"

It is CSC LPA (XEU) ver 4.0.4

KIES is also set for auto-download of latest firmware,

I don't want to run anything non standard, (i.e. root or hack) is there somewhere else have to go to get official rel ?

On phone ..

settings > about > software update

all boxes are ticked, and if I do a manual 'check for update' it comes back 'No update available'

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Your phone is like mine. It is a sim free one. As you can see on this list of CDCs, we are still awaiting an update. Last update, they waited until all the manufacturers released there's.


Fed up of waiting and thinking of going down custom rom route.

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