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Cheap WP8 options?

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So a friend has asked me for suggestions for a new phone and I'm really inclined to suggest WP given her classic usage of Facebook WhatsApp and SMS it'd be perfect. However price is of the essence here, so looking to see if there are any 'budget' WP8 phones.

I first considered WP7 phones but what's the deal with apps being backward compatible with it? For example having a look at the new Facebook app it doesn't seem to be compatible with 7.5. Is this something common?

Also any personal experience with whatsapp? Reviews seem to say it's pretty poor.

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Apps can be made backwards compatible with WP7.5+ and most microsoft apps like facebook, youtube etc should be back ported to win phone 7.5/8. But skip all that and just get a WP 8 handset. Latest apps, future OS upgrades, many little tweaks that add up to a subtly better experience than WP 7.8.

I have the Huawei Ascend W1 and think it is great except for the limited internal storage for apps. 4gb is not enough. I would recommend Nokias at the moment. Personally I think they are offering the best in class WP experience with Nokia only apps, great looks and great build quality. For the tightest budget, look at the lumia 520, if you want to spend a bit more, look at the lumia 720 with better camera, battery, bigger screen. The 620 is another way to go if a 3.7 inch screen is big enough as the camera is better, the screen is good and it has nfc and a front facing camera.

Can't comment on whatsapp as I don't use it.

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