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How to ensure more free RAM ?

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After I installed Stock+ ROM it was running FAST and SMOOTH, no problems at all. Then, I started to install some apps, but I used Link2Int, to place the apps on the Internal SD Card, also I was using Greenify, to ensure that the apps I don't use at one moment, aren't "awake".

But the problem fixed only partially. Then I thought if I uninstall some of the System Apps , it might fix the issue, but as kyan31 said , it won't really help.

So, what is REALLY using my memory now? And is there something that can be done to have more available RAM? Often my web browser (Dolphin Mini) gets kicked out from memory... it also happens sometimes with other apps.

Thank you.

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Do you mind if I have a screenshot of the memory status screen (Home -> options button -> manage apps -> running) then take a screenshot of it, by pressing volume up and power at the same time. If a volume thing comes up, then just wait until it is gone then try again. Also, (No offence Tillaz) but I personally, (In my opinion) would recommend trying some different ROMs or downgrading to Gingerbread, as ICS ROMS are not the best, especially the stock ones as they are very badly built (by huawei/Vodafone)

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I believe tweaks VM settings and free memory with AOKP Performance Control will help you, here is my memory usage after fresh reboot.


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Thank you very much... the problem seems now fixed. Stock+ ROM has a Profiles Manager app (to switch easily between some already preset profiles like "Loud", "Normal", "Meeting" ...) and that app was using too much ram. I removed it.

@mnirun - AOKP on ICS 4.0.3 ? Possible? How?

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@mnirun - AOKP on ICS 4.0.3 ? Possible? How?

AOKP Performance Control is an application (apk) you can download from here -> [APP] AOKP Performance control [stock / Cyanogen]

Here is my settings based on trusted sources i.e. Red Hat, IBM, XDA, etc. and currently using with my phone without any problem.

CPU Settings

CPU Govenor: smartass v2 - balance between performance and battery drain.

I/O Scheduler: NOOP or SIO

Reference: [REF] CPU Governors and I/O Schedulers


Free Memory & SD Read Ahead

Free memory: 50 mb is the optimum value for 512MB RAM.

SD read ahead: 512 kb or your preferred value.


VM Settings

The goal for virtual memory settings is to make latency lower for better responsive and experience.

I've set dirty settings to lower value, make it write back to disk faster for more free memory instead of keeping it in memory for a longer time and caused I/O botttleneck when flush a large dirty pages to disk.

Dirty ratio: 15

Dirty background ratio: 3

Dirty expire centisecs: 500

Dirty writeback centisecs: 100

Minfree kbytes: 4096

Overcommit ratio: 50

Swappiness: 0

VFS cache pressure: 50


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