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Looking for car dock suggestions

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Hey guys,

Just made the switch from iPhone to my first droid, the HTC One. Great phone so far and now I am looking to get a good car mount for it. I am hoping that some of you have some experiences with them and can recomend a quality/affordable one to me. I am OK with either windshield, dash or vent mount (least preferable), and would ideally like one that can hold a cable in some way so that I can easily plug it in to my device each time. Another must is that it can hold my phone with a case on it, the UAG Outland case.

I have never actually owned a car mount for my phone before so perhaps I am overlooking some other critical information and if so just let me know.

Any help is greatly recomended!

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I bougth the Airframe from KENU, works perfect!

www . kenu . com


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I'm using the HTC Car Dock. Starts up the Car application automatically and turns on your bluetooth for hands free connection, then turns it off on disconnection. Only problem is you can't use a case.

You could look at this one as an alternative http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/car-mount-cradle-for-htc-one-p38729.htm

The car dock is great and if u use an easy remove case, like the ones from speckproducts, then taking the case off and placing it in the cradle is easy. I highly recommend it.

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