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[FREE] Skype automatic Voice translator

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Hello guys!

Today I’m gonna tell you about the new app I’ve recently found on the Internet.

There is an application for Android called Droid Translator (Voice translator for Skype on the application list). It can translate calls and messages between Skype users automatically, online. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tiwlab.droidtranslator

I was looking for a program suite which could help me to speak to foreign friends without Google Translate. And now it is here and I want to share it with you!

During these few days I’ve experienced that feeling, when people finally can understand each other. I’ve talked to my friends in Germany and Spain using this application and we could understand what each of us was saying. Of course, sometimes you need to repeat the sentence in other words, because the program is not almighty and misspellings can take place - you should track what you say on the screen (stenograph is displayed).

To open Droid Translator, sync your Skype contacts to phonebook, then open DT and that’s all. You log in with your Skype name (without password). No registration needed:)

For now it is a beta version and you can yet translate only voice (video will be added later). Also it doesn’t work in the background (maybe they will fix it).

Hope you will find this information useful!

Awaiting for your replies:)





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