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[TUT] How to Bootloader unlock with CPU_TYPE=8260a-1 and install CM10

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As all of you knows it's a little bit more difficult to bootloader unlock this phone withe CPU type 1.

So, let's begin!!


-Acer usb drivers. Take them from here: http://global-downlo...Acer&SC=EMEA_13

-Obviously an Acer s500 with official or leaked JB installed

-TWRP or CWM recovery (i personally prefer TWRP)

Be VERY VERY careful that all the drivers (adb, fastboot, modem, etc.) are properly installed and reboot your PC...If something happens to your phone I am not responsable in case as I warned you.

Check Device Manager for any warnings under the Android node and solve them!!!


1. Unpack everything except of Cm zip file and gapps of course.

2. Reboot phone in recovery mode: shut it down and plug it to your computer while holding the Volume-UP key. It will say something like boot mode: fastboot!

3. Copy the *.IMG files from acer-unlock in the SAME folder with ADB and fastboot...

4. Open the windows console in that folder (Alt+Shift+R.Click on windows 7 or higher)

SPECIAL tanks to zelea2 for his awesome code!!

5. Type:

fastboot -i 0x0502 boot unlock-cloudmobile.img

This will unlock your phone! Pull out the battery as this is the only way to shutdown it and start the phone again in fastboot mode. 6. Type:
fastboot -i 0x0502 boot test-only.img

This will check if your phone is bootloader unlocked, so it should say something like unlocked: 1. If it says 0 repeat the steps, check the drivers, but under any circumstances DO not proceed forword as your bootloader is still locked and you can not flash custom partitions on your phone! Pull out the battery and reboot into system. 7. Download CM 10 and gapps from here: http://www.modaco.co...cial-builds-v7/ and place them on the root of your SD card. (Thanks to vache) 8. Download TWRP (or CWM it's up to you) image, extract it and place it in the same folder as the other *.IMG files (the one with ADB and fastboot) link: http://www.modaco.co...00-updated-v12/ (Thanks to bobbes) 9. Reboot again in fastboot mode and type in console window:
fastboot -i 0x0502 boot TWRP_2.5.0.0_S500_v1.2.img

This will just temporary boot this recovery.

10. Wipe everything...(Under the Wipe tap slide the slider to begin wiping)

11. After that go into the install tab and install the CynogenMod zip file that is probably named cm10_7.zip and the gapps.

12. Reboot into system and enjoy your fresh install of CyanogenMod that is free of tons of crap from Acer.



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Except if it's Mobistar (and orange?) I think

I got an error when I try to flash, about merged device and non merged file

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No. No except :)

You can flash it from a booted phone using adb (assuming you have cwm img on your internal memory)

1. Put CWM/TWRP .img file in /sdcard not /external-s

2. Go in acer tool and select option 4 ( Boot with VACHE's hacked boot image for /system to be rw

3. Go in ADB

4. Type the following ( just copy / paste )

adb shell dd if=/sdcard/cwm.img of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/recovery

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many thanks to the OP for the step-by-step guide!

-worked 100%

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