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[ROM] FusionX Huawei Y300 v1.0 [B199] [Full HWA]

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i tried the older verson of viber on stock rom but it has an other problem

that whole of my voice disconnected and nobody whether in viber or gsm could not hear my sound

ut in this rom i have this problem and another one is the speaker that it automatically get of in gsm calls 

Hi all

your are absolutely right. I have the same problem with my viber on my g510 phone.

I have another problem with my viber which made me to try older versions. After installng the one on stock, I lost my mic totally and the problem get worse( nobody can hear my voice over phone).

The previous problem which I currently get involved in is: my phone does not ring on viber calls when the phone screen lockeded out. I changed not only phone`a OS WIFI policy but also Viber Policy setting but it did not work. Any idea to help?

Thanks in advance

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It has bugs, lots of bugs. But yes, it also has Gapps.

Then what rom should I use , I want a rom that is good for games

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Download Link?? :/


Question. Why would you use this when it's outdated and buggy? AOSP MOD is newer, it has every bug fixed and it performs better than this ROM.

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