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xolo x900_2

Xolo X1000!!! Same as Moto RAZR I!!! Please support the development!!!

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Hi guys... I'm back and I have successfully got my X900 replaced with X1000!!! Its same as razr i except the screen is 4.7 and its 1280/720p... And no NFC radio!!! so I was expecting whether its possible to use Ricky's tool for Motorola with some modifications with that of xolo's to either root it or even unlock the bootloader... I know the boot loader may be different but its worth a shot!!! Its also known as casper via a6108 in Turkey!!!

any help would be helpful...

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Just rooted X1000 :D



1.Install proper drivers from here

2.Download suitable version of CYDIA IMPACTOR FROM
Steps to ROOT

1.Connect X1000 in USB DEBUGGING MODE(Note: Drivers need to be properly installed)

2.Run Impactor.exe from the cydia impactor zip u downloaded

3.By default you will see "# drop SuperSU su to /system/xbin/su"(If not select it from the drop-down menu), click start and let it complete its process.

4.Reboot and you are done biggrin.gif

In case of any discrepancy fell free to ask redface.gif

thanks... :) really thanks... just rooted it but the problem is unrooting.. and there is no way to reflash... :(

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