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Dual SIM phones by Meizu and Xiaomi ?!

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Hi guys!

I am looking for a dual SIM phone; modern and reliable but not too expensive.

At Aliexpress some sellers are advertising Meizu MX and MX2 and Xiaomi M2 and M3 dual SIM phones.

But some other sellers say they are only single SIM.

Not sure if the dual SIM models are originals or fakes. Please clarify.

Also, are there any other quality phones worth considering?

Any views on JiaYu G4 Advanced and Zopo ZP980?

Many thanks!

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Could be wrong but I think they make both single and dual sim versions of these phones, which may be why some sellers are talking about single sim models and others dual sim.

Suggest you try and buy from a reputable seller (there are some threads on this site looking at people's experiences of importing phones from China) and if you've concerns email customer service ahead for clarification before you part with money.

I can't vouch for the devices you mention, but certainly I've read good things about each of them on here. Use Search and you'll find some better informed views than mine :)

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