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Have B895 and want to Upgrade to B900

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Hello, I have B895 ROM on my G300, but I want to upgrade it back to B900 ROM, Does anyone know where to download B900 ROM? I can't find it anywhere.


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Download the Force update

(This is an ICS, B952 Update), You will need


files, as I have made a split archive. (Due to mediafire storage limits


). Now you will need to download them to the


Right click the dload.zip folder and then click extract here.

If you do not see this then you will have to open it with WinRAR (google it and download it from RARLAB.com!. Now click

 Extract To 
at the top, and just click OK. Now wait for it to extract. You should now see a folder called dload, open that and then move the dload folder which is INSIDE the dload folder to your desktop. Now you should have one dload folder with a file called update.app inside it. Now, please verify this update.app with this hash generator. The Hashes are:
CRC32: 49ef9ecb

SHA1: af20acf3d79249bbb3ce938d96b7a4e059bd1005

If these are wrong, then you need to download both archives again, and extract them again as well (Sorry, its the only way!) Now you need to mount USB storage (Do it in recovery, as some ROMS do not mount USB storage properly. Now, you will have to copy that dload folder on the desktop and then paste it in the top level of the SD Card. Like this:

Copy it:

post-1000829-0-34104300-1370980581_thumb Then paste it:post-1000829-0-79589100-1370980567_thumb

Now turn off the phone, and hold the Volume UP AND DOWN buttons at the SAME TIME! Now you will see a screen with a progress bar saying "Unpacking". If you see a pink screen, Check the SD card, and the folder. The dload folder is missing or in the wrong place.

Now you will need to wait until it is finished. The phone will reboot, and you will see the ICS set up screen.

There you go, I have also put how to upgrade. This is b952 and not b900 though, so its a later version :)

EDIT: Sorry for the messy text, I cant fix it :(

Edited by george109

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