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ViPER4Android FX/XHiFi apps

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For all you true musical lovers enthusiasts and others!

This are the musical effects apps that works on system level (integrates as a system DSP)!

This Basically means that you can use them to boots system sounds like ring volume. With good headphones they work miracles, that is if you know to adjust effects properly!

Requirements: root and installed busybox.

Just Install app you want or booth of them if you want.

After Installing run the app and choose driver for Arm cortex A9/A15, after that you will be prompted to reboot phone. After rebooting enable processing in app and play with effects that you like! Also don't forget to choose it as a default DSP manager from android settings - all - Sound - musical effects so that you can bypass default DSP.

For all additional info & download links please refer to the official XDA trade! All credits goes to developers!!!


Dont forget to post you're comments & experience hire because it's intended to help people hire with our devices!

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I'm not trying to give a negative feedback but with my head phones the voices are really quiet when using this, the bass is nice but something activated over clouds the voice on music "? Its a really good app to use though!

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On what speakers - headphones?

on headphones ... when I increase bass level about 50%, bass sound doesn't present good and stable.

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