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Hi Andouk,

I take it you picked these up in your local Virgin Mobile shop?? If so, what price were they please?? As all over the web, they are saying £89.99 + £10 top up...

But on Virgins own website, until it was taken down recently... They were saying they were £99.99 + £10 topup...

I know its only £10 difference, but just curious....

+ Cheers for the great find about Rooting them... :)

Many thanks, Lister

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in store they were scanning at 99.99 plus £10 top up but i explained virgin medias blog said it was 89.99 plus 10 top up resulting in 99.99, apparently they had not recieved there price list for the handset so were going off the system

anyway if your a virgin media customer you can get 20% discount instore (only instore from what i can gather) bringing the handset down to 71.99 and still had to get the £10 top up, but these are vouchers so if you have a contract sim you can apply the credit to the contract meaning you take £10 off your bill

they are locked too, tried all the code calculators none work

also we are virgin media customers but the staff never asked for any formal id or anything like that they asked for the account number of the virgin media account and that was enough to get the discount.

as far as I know stock online is due today as i had a phone call late wednesday off there sales team saying stock was due Friday, as a lot of the staff had no clue of the V, I don't think there is any discount online but the price was £99.99 with top up

hope this helps

oh and heres the info from virgin themselves


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