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Is it possible to alter the Charging Rules for a phone? (when the phone says it's charged)

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I was reading an interesting article about Li-Ion batteries and I understand an interesting fact: most mobile phones charge batteries until peak, but skip the saturation charge (the process that stabilize the battery and makes it provide power for more hours). Of course, skipping saturation will increase the battery life. But what's good a battery that keeps on for one day, even if it will last forever (I mean the battery life) ? I would rather have a battery that keeps my phone up for 2x longer, even if that means I need a new one every 1-2 years.

So, here is the article: http://batteryuniver...m_ion_batteries

The issue is this: the charging voltage for a Li-Ion battery is ~4.20V, and the intensity doesn't have to be much. If you rise the current, you will decrease the Peak time, but will INCREASE the Saturation time... so the charging time for a Li-Ion battery is always constant. A full charge cycle will need 180 minutes for best results. On this time, there are three stages:

  1. Peak Charge - when voltage reaches a constant value

  2. Saturation Charge - when the battery stabilizes and will be able to provide same power for longer time

  3. Ready (when current reaches <3% from rated value)

  4. (optional) - Stand-By mode (will apply a topping charge when voltage drops under 4.05V / cell - but also stress the battery and reduce life)

My phone says it's ready after ~1 hour of charging... from this I can assume that it skips Stage2. And thus, the battery needs to be charged more often.

The main question here is this: can the charging process be altered? To force the phone to run both in stage 1 and stage 2 ?And if it is possible, how can it be done? Anyone here would be willing to do it?

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