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Phones of the future

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I was browsing the internet since I had nothin' else to do in this crappy weather and came acros this ;

What do you think ?

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I like the idea, but i dont think it will scale to new technology very well. Phones and components are getting smaller and thinner all the time whereas this concept will always be the same form factor, something i dont think many people would find desirable over the course of a few years (imagine carting round a bulky smartphone from 2008 now). Also, its pretty much stuck with one screen size. It would also get battered and weathered over time and the whole thing would probably want replacing after 2 years or so of use anyway.

Dont get me wrong, the idea of upgrading the unit like a pc is very cool, but i really dont think the average (non-technical) smartphone buyer will want to go to the effort to do so, they would be more likely to just buy a new handset.

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True, but at least it would be a solution to reduce the waste in the world...

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