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[APP-MOD] Xperia Launcher Modified - Huawei Icons

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Hi mates,

this mod wasn´t made by me.

ALL CREDITS are for ncandroid84 from the spanish forum HTCMANIA.

Translated with google translate:

Hello, here I leave a Home Launcher from Xperia Active, which I found on the internet and change the original style icons G300. It is faster than the original launcher G300 and has transparency in the application menu.

Installation is simple, remove the apk which is compressed, and place it with root explorer or another browser with root permissions on the folder system/app after that give permits, which are already known and restart the device.

This was tested on Huawei G300 and works 100%, but as multiresolution can work on other devices.

Remember, do not uninstall the launcher they already have and to initiate cell tilden not the default launcher to try to work well, if they do and something went wrong will have no choice but to do a Factory Reset.




Original thread: http://www.htcmania....ad.php?t=684242

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I install this launcher on my G300 without any problems.

I'm using SLIM ICS V13 rom by JSEVI83.

Don´t know if it works on Gingerbread or Jelly Bean roms.


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