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Turbo SLOW ZTE skate

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Hi I have one big problem.

If i made this:

Wipe Data

Wipe Chache

Format System

Wipe Dalwik

and I instal custom ROM, that phone is very slow.

I tried:




And everythig is very slow and freezes:

I set: Processor ONDEMAND 902Mhz / NOOP and also tried SIO, VR

Only thing what I think can be problem is my MicroSD (class 10 Kingstone)

I used CWM to partition SDEXT and my problems start from this point.

After partitioning was on my SDcard lot of small files with crazy name (#:!:_"ˇ/ˇ%3DFˇ3!.vsiao - for example) and

I cant delete it. Only format it in Windows.

Any help?

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I have same problem with Kingston Class 10 SD Card, finally SD card crash and I change it in the store for another of a different brand. My new SD Toshiba Class 10 works fine now. So, i think Kingston SD's not work fine in skate.

PD: Needed triple post?

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Okay.. this is weird, but it worked for me.


The other day I had a similar problem - my phone was unusably slow, battery lasted maybe 30 minutes of screen-on time, etc.


I took out my SanDisk 16GB class 4 card, rubbed it against my shirt for a second and put it back in. It fixed it completely.


I have absolutely no idea how or why it worked, but something about reseating the card made the problem go away.

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Yes, finally my SDcard Kingstone crash. :(

KINGSTONE s***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I will buy another one, but different manufacter


Huh, maybe you just had a bad card. I've owned a couple of Kingston products and they've all been great. I have a 4GB Kingston USB stick that's easily 6 years old and still working perfectly (unlike my 8GB Transcend stick that fell apart after a month of use).

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