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[Help] Data Connection Problem

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Hi, I wanted to share my problem, what happens is that the phone does not have a connection faster than Edge (E). I tried switching my SIM card to other phones and worked great, I got connected to H without problems, and I think this problem has to do with the phone itself. I changed roms several times, back to official rom, the 2.2 froyo, and nothing changed :( I dont know what to do to make my phone have a good data connection because I get stressed Edge so slow connection :(. Someone could please help me?
PD. I'm from Peru and I have Movistar.

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I also have the same issue, except my 'Mobile network state' is completely disconnected. I'm on T&L at the moment, I've tried resetting my APN settings and did a complete restore but still the same. Any help please?

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