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arthur folkard

help im new here and and to gemini tablet

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i bought my first gemini tablet 6 weeks ago but its been back to gemini 3.5 weeks in this time finaly got them to replace it with another 1 which has this stupid amazon apps on and im strugling to find much and am very tempted to send this back and ask for a refund , the first 1 i had playstore app on not amazon , im not good with forums i can never find my post lol , so if i go to play store can i still down load apps as ive just down loaded 2 buit they not gone on my tablet but they wsay down loaded help please 

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You can sideload apps if you dont have the play store installed on your tablet.  Just enable Unknown sources in system settings-->security and then find the apk for the app you want, put it on the tablet and install it with a file manager (or, if you used the tablets browser to download the apk, just tap on the download complete notification to install).


Where to get apk`s from?, dont be tempted to use pirated ones from 4shared or elseware, theres a huge risk of trojan/virus infection.  Try these threads on xda first....

http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2392504  This thread is more upto date than the one below.



You could also try this http://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/ 

This webpage lets you enter a play store url and will download the assosiated apk file.  They also offer a chrome extension that has a load of other options as well.

Note that this doesnt allow you to get paid apps for free, its only for free apps and apps you already paid for.

If your unsure how to do all this, post what apps you want and il download them for you and post them here (only free apps, dont think im allowed to post paid ones).

Hope this helps....

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How to test the ROM ? any ideas? thanks so much


If you mean you want to install a custom rom, look here http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/91121-tempestu39gt-roms-hybrid1/

That link is an experimental, better performing rom and flashing it isnt for the faint hearted, Be absolutely sure that you understand what your doing and follow the instructions to the letter.

You can also root the tablet without flashing the above rom, The slatedroid site has all the info you need.


If you mean you just want to test the tablets performance, there are many benchmark apps both on xda and the play store.

Hope this helps.....

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