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Daft Android question

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Whilst I'm happy rooting my phone and installing ROM's, I must admit that I don't fully understand what goes on in the background.


For instance, I was happily running Paranoid Android on my Note 2 LTE.  Yet yesterday I decided to go through and delete apps that I not longer find that I use.


This morning none of my alarms went off, and the bluetooth would connect to the car, and then randomly disconnect and then reconnect.  At times the phone light would be flashing, yet would not wake with the menu or power button!


Is it feasible that by removing an application, it can affect other functions of the phone???? 


I'm currently performing a helium backup and wondering if I need to reflash the current ROM and then reinstall/reconfigure all my apps.  This process drives me mad, and nothing would drain my soul more than constantly flashing different roms!  But I think that's down to me not taking time to understand which backup methods are best to get from a flashed ROM to a fully working phone very quickly. 


Thanks for any advice/tips.

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I would be using titanium backup rather than helium, there seems to be a few problems with helium messing things up every now and again judging by the play store comments.

And yes, some android apps do require others to function, if you removed apps from the system folder with a file manager without checking if they were needed for proper device functon there is the possibility of a not 100% working device.  Using the standard android app menu is less likely to cause problems, but removing things like some google apps may still break others i.e. removing google services framework will kill the play store among other things.

Your best bet is to start from scratch and clean install a fresh rom, then when you have your device set up with all your apps, do a clockworkmod (or whatever you use to flash roms) backup.  You can then use titanium to back up whatever files your going to delete (after checking they are not essential) so you can quickly undo any damage, and if its too broken you can revert to the clockworkmod image (which is an image of the entire device, so you wont need to reinstall all your apps/setup accounts etc).

Out of interest, what files did you delete?

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